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Manage Your Cloud Apps with Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

This workshop is a follow on to Introduction to IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management. Today, we will dive into application management, security, compliance, observability and monitoring in multicloud environment.

Date: Thursday, September 3 from 9:00 to 12:00 Central European Time


When working with multiple clusters on different clouds (public and/or private), you need to provide visibility, governance and automation to manage efficiently all these clusters and clouds. CP4M is the right solution to help you to manage your multicloud environment. CP4M provides consistent visibility, governance, and automation from on-prem to the edge with capabilities such as multicluster management, event management, application management, and infrastructure management – plus integration with existing tools and processes. Enterprises can leverage CP4M to help increase operational efficiency that's driven by intelligent data analysis and predictive golden signals, and gain built-in support for their compliance management. 


  • Application management in multicloud
  • Multi-cluster-application-management Lab
  • Security and compliance
  • Demo: Compliance
  • Observability & monitoring
  • Demo: Monitoring

Workshop format: this is a technical workshop with presentations, demos and hands-on exercises.

Language: English.

Audience: technical and development roles. 

Prerequisites for attendees:

  • you will use your laptop to view demos and perform exercises
  • have IBM Cloud account. If you don't have it yet, you can create it for free at
  • some knowledge of Kubernetes
  • SSH or Putty will be used on most of the labs

Location: this is an online workshop. Participants and instructors will communicate via WebEx video conference. 

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Price: this workshop is free of charge for all who register at this web site.

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