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Accelerate Your AI Journey with IBM Watson AI & IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Learn How to accelerate your AI journey by leveraging unique AI features of IBM Watson and IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform. During this one day instructor led workshop, you'll gain real experience & hands-on with the most advanced AI features of IBM Watson and IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Date: June 11 from 9:00 to 17:00 Central European Time

Workshop format: this is a technical workshop with presentations, demos and hands-on exercises.

Language: English.

Audience: technical and development roles. 

Prerequisites for attendees:

  • basic understanding of data, business intelligence, ETL, statistics and data mining, reading python code
  • you will use your laptops to view demos and perform exercises
  • have IBM Cloud account. If you don't have it yet, you can create it for free at

Location: this is an online workshop. Participants and instructors will communicate via WebEx video conference. 

Registration: to register at this workshop, you must be logged in at this web site using the menu option Login. If you don't have a user ID at this web site yet, create it by clicking on Login, then Sign up (link at the bottom), then check your mailbox to verify your new user ID. Then return to this page and register to the workshop by clicking the Register button at the bottom. You can always see the workshops you are registered at, using the menu option My events. Your registration is confirmed when you receive an e-mail with the link to the WebEx video conference. This confirmation e-mail will be sent at least three days before the workshop or earlier.

Price: this workshop is free of charge for all who register at this web site.


At the end of the day you will have a clear understanding & "know how" to infuse AI in your enterprise's business with trust, fairness, bias detection and mitigation at realtime. All this with production-grade readiness to create a leading edge competitive advantage. You'll gain hands-on experience with the most advanced AI features of IBM Watson and IBM Cloud Pak for Data :

  • IBM Cloud Pak for Data overview, specificity, Add-ons setup, ...
  • Data Preparation, Cleansing, augmentation, feature engineering, HPO & deployment (Watson Studio)
  • Watson Studio Automated AI:
    • AutoAI : how to automate AI to analyze your data and generate candidate model pipelines customized for your predictive modeling problems
    • Selection of optimised & best of bread neural networks for text & image
    • OpenScale : how to create, deliver, operate, monitor secure AI applications with trust, fairness and transparency for entreprise's business


  • Presentation of the Cloud Pak for Data platform, architecture of the platform
    • Lab 1: Getting started: discover Cloud Pak for Data User Interface and main functionalities
  • Presentation of Watson Studio, AutoAI and model deployment (deployment spaces)
    • Lab 2: Run a notebook and explore AutoAI (data preparation, model development, feature engineering, hyper-parameter optimization)
    • Lab 3: Model Deployment (online and batch deployments)
  • Presentation of Watson OpenScale
    • Lab 4: Credit Risk use case demo (explore the fairness and quality monitors, explore application and drift monitors, explain an individual prediction)
    • Lab 5: Image explainability with Watson OpenScale

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