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IBM Verify, Identity and access manager

BP Academy, IBM Innovation Center Ljubljana, room 2, 9:00-13:00

Date: Thursday, May 26 from 14:00 to 13:00 Central European Time

Modernized, modular IBM Security™ Verify solution provides deep, AI-powered context for both consumer and workforce identity and access management. Protect your users and apps, inside and outside the enterprise, with a low-friction, cloud-native, software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach that leverages the cloud. For legacy, on-prem apps, the Verify Access version provides a smooth path to cloud, so you can transition at your own pace.

  • Enable fine-grained access control to Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems with centralized policy management
  • Reduce the risk of a breach and associated damage resulting from broad and unmanaged privilege
  • Enforce zero standing privileges and reduce lateral movement.
  • Detect suspicious user activity and alert in real-time to stop breaches in progress.
  • Monitor and control privileged sessions with full video and metadata capture

Speakers: Masa Andic and Iztok Sumak

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