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Discover Cognitive Computing for Business with IBM Watson APIs

In this session, you will discover what it means to become a cognitive business and how to use some Artificial Intelligence technologies and APIs to enhance applications running on IBM Cloud with cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson.

Date: Thursday, June 4 from 9:00 to 16:00 Central European Time

Workshop format: a technical workshop with presentations, demos and hands-on exercises.

Location: this is an online workshop. Participants and instructors will communicate via WebEx Meetings. 

Language: English.

Audience: IT professionals.

Prerequisites for attendees:

  • you will use your laptops to view presentations and perform exercises
  • have IBM Cloud account. If you don't have it yet, you can create it for free at
  • Webex Meetings installed on your computer. You can install it when you join the workshop, as your web browser will prompt you for Webex installation

Registration: to register at this workshop, you must be logged in at this web site using the menu option Login. If you don't have a user ID at this web site yet, create it by clicking on Login, then Sign up (link at the bottom). Then check your mailbox to verify your new user ID. After that, return to this page and register to the workshop by clicking the Register button at the bottom. You can always see the workshops you are registered at, using the menu option My events. Your registration is confirmed when you receive an e-mail with the link to the WebEx video conference. This confirmation e-mail will be sent at least three days before the workshop or earlier.

Price: this workshop is free of charge for all who register at this web site.


We invite you to get up-close and personal with IBM Watson Cognitive technologies and APIs available from IBM Cloud. This workshop will show how cognitive applications are being built today and how you can access the APIs and demos to inspire your AI development work. The attendees will learn about the APIs available for working with Watson, see live demos of the platform in action and will be able to try it out for themselves. They will learn how to use APIs to understand the tone of text using Watson Tone analyzer, build a classifier to understand the sense of a sentence using Watson Natural Language Classifier, classify images with Watson Visual Recognition, build a conversational app (chatbot) and publish it with Watson Assistant - all that by doing the hands-on labs.


Part 1, 09:00 - 12:00: Technical presentations and demos

  • Watson AI services overview
  • Developing conversational apps (chatbots) with Watson Assistant
  • Enhancing applications with deeper personalization via language insights
  • Data Classification using Watson Studio and Watson Visual Recognition

Part 2, 13:00 - 16:00: Hands-on Labs

  • Lab 1: Building a chatbot with Watson Assistant
  • Lab 2: Using Watson Personality Insights APIs to gain psychological insight
  • Lab 3: Using Watson Tone Analyzer APIs to understand sentiment and emotions
  • Lab 4: Recognize images with Watson Visual Recognition and Watson Studio

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