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Build Your Chatbot With Watson Assistant - Basic

Conversational applications (chatbots) are becoming popular way to provide better customer care, conversational commerce and employee productivity. IBM Watson Assistant enables software developers to develop chatbots quickly and integrate them with their applications. This workshop provides basics knowledge and hands-on experience in building bots with Watson Assistant.

Date: Tuesday, June 16 from 9:00 to 17:00 Central European Time


With the IBM Watson Assistant, you can build an application that understands natural language input and uses machine learning to respond to users in a way that simulates a human conversation. During this workshop, you will learn how to build and run a chatbot using the Watson Assistant service. If you are looking to add cognitive capabilities such as chatbot to your applications, come and participate at this workshop where you will:

  • learn how to design and create a chatbot with Watson Assistant
  • see live demos of the platform in action and will be able to try it out for yourself


  • Introduction
    • Overview, use cases, demos
  • Designing conversational solutions
    • Defining the chatbots purpose
    • Identifying the view point
    • Specifying the proactivity / reactivity
    • Chatbots tone and personality
  • Writing conversation interaction
    • Best practices in writing
  • Building conversational solution + lab
    • Key concepts: intents, entities, context variables, dialog, skill, assistant
    • Watson Assistants features that address key concepts
  • Building a dialog + lab
    • understand the navigation in dialog
    • manage simple and complex conditions
    • determine the right answers
    • how to easily capture customers info
    • managing disambiguation

Workshop format: this is a technical workshop with presentations, demos and hands-on exercises.

Language: English.

Audience: technical and development roles. 

Prerequisites for attendees:

  • you will use your laptops to view demos and perform exercises
  • have IBM Cloud account. If you don't have it yet, you can create it for free at

Location: this is an online workshop. Participants and instructors will communicate via WebEx video conference. 

Registration: to register at this workshop, you must be logged in at this web site using the menu option Login. If you don't have a user ID at this web site yet, create it by clicking on Login, then Sign up (link at the bottom), then check your mailbox to verify your new user ID. Then return to this page and register to the workshop by clicking the Register button at the bottom. You can always see the workshops you are registered at, using the menu option My events. Your registration is confirmed when you receive an e-mail with the link to the WebEx video conference. This confirmation e-mail will be sent at least three days before the workshop or earlier.

Price: this workshop is free of charge for all who register at this web site.

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