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Application Modernization using IBM Transformation Advisor

Participants will learn in this workshop how to use IBM Transformation Advisor to analyze potential application code changes needed for migrating application to Liberty / Cloud Pak for Applications

Date: Monday, June 8 from 9:00 to 12:00 Central European Time

Deep-dive workshop on IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor (TA).

Target of the workshop is to enable Business Partners to get familiar with TA.

At the end of the session, the attendees will have a good understanding how to use TA and what they can expect from an application assessment.

They will also be enabled to use TA with their clients to assess their clients applications.

As part of the preparation, the attendees are expected to install the standalone version of TA (also called local TA) in their own environment.

The local TA will be used within the workshop and can also be used after the workshop for customer engagements.


Deep-dive workshop on IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor (TA) - Agenda Proposal

  • Introduction into IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor (TA)
  • Demo how it works on what results you will gain
  • Best Practices how to use it with customers
  • Hands-on how to analyze an existing application
  • Questions and Answers

Workshop Preparation:

As preparation, all attendees are asked to install the standalone TA (local TA) in their environment.

The local TA has the full TA functionality but only requires Docker instead of Kubernetes to be installed.

Details how to install the local TA as well as the software to be installed can be found here:

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