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Train Text Annotators with Watson Knowledge Studio and Machine Learning

Why is it hard to teach computers to understand natural language? It is the ambiguous nature of languages and the domain specific terminology that makes it hard to reduce the task to programming systems. Further, it is a challenge for domain experts and developers to collaborate and work together. In this workshop you will gain an understanding and appreciation of IBM Watson Knowledge Studio, a cloud-based application that enables developers and domain experts to collaborate and create custom annotator components to identify mentions and relations in unstructured text.

Date: Friday, July 24 from 9:00 to 12:00 Central European Time


Learn how Watson Knowledge Studio (WKS) enables user to create and deploy domain knowledge infused annotators faster than ever before using an integrated development environment. Use WKS and practice domain adaptation for Natural Language understanding and Discovery through hands-on labs.  WKS provides an intuitive, collaborative and cost effective approach to perform all the tasks required to train a machine learning or rule based annotator in order for the system to understand a particular domain. More importantly, it does not require intensive programming to achieve those tasks. It is also natively integrated with other Watson offerings such as Natural Language Understanding and Discovery. 
This session helps the attendees on the road of building domain specific cognitive solutions acquiring annotator skill, understanding methodologies and tooling all illustrated by examples. Attendees will gain understanding of this new offering, appreciation of state of the art machine learning techniques for subject matter experts to train Watson or any other application on the linguistic nuances of a particular knowledge domain. And, most importantly realize that existing solutions that process unstructured data can use the knowledge imparted by WKS in order to build their solutions to mine content for insights.


  • Workshop introduction
  • Discover WKS
  • Hands-on Labs:
    • Create several models with WKS using machine learning
    • Deploy a model to a Watson Natural Language Understanding instance
    • Deploy a model to a Watson Discovery instance

Workshop format: this is a technical workshop with presentations, demos and hands-on exercises.

Language: English.

Location: this is an online workshop. Participants and instructors will communicate via WebEx video conference. 

Audience: born on the cloud, entrepreneur and mobile developers, web architect, web developer, software engineer.

Prerequisites for attendees:

  • have an IBM Cloud account. If you don't have it yet, you can create it for free at
  • your own computer (or laptop) with web browser and internet access
  • basic understanding of unstructured data, NLP and Watson Cognitive services
  • basic knowledge of REST APIs.  

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